AMIGO® SMARTCHAIR | manual shopping chair

The world's most innovative manual shopping chair

Amigo's alternative to the standard shopping wheelchair provides a safer, more comfortable experience for your shoppers. The flip-up arms and unique basket design allow people to easily get in and out of chair without emptying the basket.
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  • One-size-fits-all with a 450 lb (204 kg) rider weight capacity
  • Durable steel frame and commercial grade seating
  • Effortless automatic braking system
  • Three basket options
  • Reduced risk of theft - does not fold
  • Patent pending

Automatic parking brake

Chair brakes automatically when handle lever is released

Three basket options

Three basket options allow customers more space for groceries and personal items

Flip-up arms

Arms flip up to allow passenger to easily and safely transfer to and from the cart

What Our Customers Say

"People use the SmartChair all day every day and love it! It's a cool looking wheelchair and our customers love it, which makes me happy."

- Martha, grocery store manager | Pennsylvania

"We have not had any issues with our SmartChair, and it works very well for our customers. With the basket separate from the seat, it makes it easier for the customer to get in and out compared to a traditional wheelchair."

- Jamie, grocery store manager | California

About Amigo Mobility

Amigo Mobility International, Inc. is a family-owned business with a passion for exceptional customer service. With nearly 50 years of mobility expertise, our products provide fewer moving parts, lower service costs and increased safety features.

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