AMIGO® ACCESSORIES | motorized shopping cart accessories

These optional accessories help you fully customize Amigo carts to best fit your store and customers.

Charging Sign

The two-sided charging sign attaches to the basket with two small clamps. The sign can be flipped up by store employees to indicate a cart is charging, or flipped down to let customers know it is ready to use.

Bonus AC Cord

AC cord replacement is the #1 service issue on any brand of motorized shopping carts. With a bonus AC cord, store maintenance can limit cart downtime by replacing the cord without a service call.

Safety Flag

Amigo carts are labeled for indoor use only. If you choose to allow motorized carts to be used outdoors, please order safety flags to increase visibility for motor vehicles.

Front Horn

Amigo shoppers are equipped with standard rear alert horns, but an optional front horn allows guests to feel secure while driving motorized carts in a busy environment.

Small Items Tray

Fragile or small items are stored safely on a wire shelf to keep from being dropped or damaged while shopping.

Cane Holder

The small cane holder attaches to the wire basket so guests with canes can store them while shopping.

Cup Holder

The durable plastic cup holder attaches to the inside of the wire basket to hold drinks while customers shop.

About Amigo Mobility

Amigo Mobility International, Inc. is a family-owned business with a passion for exceptional customer service. With nearly 50 years of mobility expertise, our products provide fewer moving parts, lower service costs and increased safety features.

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